Staple Food

Another quick entry via Benjamin, my trusty phone. I’m getting a bit sick of all this studying that I’m doing. Coffee, the wonderful juice extracted from the dark brown substance pictured above, has become a regular part of my diet these days. It is not unlike my med school days, only then, I wasn’t pressured much to study. I really wish August had come and gone, and the board exam is but a distant memory, a wisp of a dream. It’s not so much that I’m scared of taking the test. I realized God has been giving me extraordinary peace for this. Rather, it is the fact that I hav to endure waiting for August to come, like an axe hanging over my head. It is less than a month before the 4 big days. I’ve never been more excited to celebrate my birthday. Because then, this would all be over and I can really start to pursue my dreams.

~ by karlmd on July 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Staple Food”

  1. when’s your birthday?

  2. on the 19th day of august. a week after our last exam. hehe.

  3. hahaha. imagine how i would be feeling if i were to take it this august. my birthday’s on the 13th!!! ^_^

  4. really? hey, advanced happy birthday to us!

  5. thanks! ^__^ hehe… at least all-out ang celebration! post-boards! advanced congrats to you guys! I know you hate it when people do that… hehe. pressure…

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