Keeping Myself Amused

I was at Starbucks today studying Anatomy for the upcoming board exams in August. It so happened that my favorite corner table was free when I got there a little after lunch today and I’d stayed there for a couple of hours before this story happened. Now the table, as I said, is in a corner and one can get a lot of reading done there because it’s a bit secluded from the rest of the store. The downside of that spot is that it has an airconditioner right above it. The aircon’s the flat type on the ceiling with 4 louvres, one in each direction. So it gets pretty cold in my favorite spot sometimes. Late in the afternoon, a 40-ish lady sat at the table nearest me. She ordered her drink and started working on her computer. I was surprised to find that she had already stayed there a couple of hours (only the students and those who study are usually the ones who stay there that long). Later, though, I noticed that she was fiddling with this newspaper. She kept on spreading it out and laying it on her back. The newspaper would of course fall after a couple of minutes. She would patiently return it to her back. I then realized that she was cold. By this time, I was chuckling to myself. The store was almost empty and there were so many other tables she could have gone to. Maybe she liked the newspaper’s feel against her skin? Hehe. Some surreptitiously taken pics:

The unknown lady and her comfy paper blanket

The empty store

On Luke tonight: Chris Botti’s The Christmas Song. I talked about Chris Botti a bit in this corner before. I love his music. Tonight, as I was reading, this song came on the shuffle playlist. I had a sudden longing for the Christmas season. That would mean I’d be done with the blasted board exams and would probably have already taken USMLE Step 1. That would also mean relatively cool weather. And heck, who doesn’t like Christmas? I wish it was Christmas already.

~ by karlmd on June 18, 2007.

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