Bumming Around / Musical Discoveries

I’m officially a bum. I went on my last 24-hour duty on April 30. Internship year’s finally over and I have to face the cruel reality that is the Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination. The next 3 months are going to be tough. I’m trying to sort out how to review well for the Board exams while starting to slowly prepare for the USMLEs (obtain the documents required, etc). I’m thinking of 2 options. Option A: take Step 1 in late September or early October, then take Step 2 a month later. I should take Step 2 CS (practical exam) by early November. This way, I can apply for positions and get interviewed by December this year, hopefully match in March 2008, and start residency training by July 2008. This is a FAST TRACK and it’s not done very often, although it has been done before. Option B is to take my time and space my exams about 2-3 months apart, ensuring enough review time. The downside here is that I will only be eligible for interview in December 2008, will hopefully match in March 2009, and start residency training in July 2009. My review time for the local boards will then be crucial in making a decision. Let’s see what the Lord has in store for me this time.

New MB album out:

It’s Time is still my favorite MB album but Call Me Irresponsible has its share of gems (Call Me Irresponsible, Always On My Mind, That’s Life). I’ll give it an A-

New music discovery: The Evolution of Robin Thicke

It’s been in the market since October 2006 but since it’s R&B, I never knew it existed (I generally stay away from the genre) until I saw Robin Thicke perform on American Idol. I previously saw this album in a music store and even listened to the intro to some of the songs. I dismissed it as just another R&B album with shallow lyrics and boring melody. After his AI performance though, I was so impressed that I had to listen to him again. His music is very good. His voice is excellent (I LOVE his falsetto — I wish I could sing falsetto that way). Critics say he sounds like Jamiroquai’s lead singer and I agree. His music is more soul than acid jazz though. His music is best taken straight up and he sings alone (Lost Without U, Can U Believe). His collaboration with other R&B artists (Pharrel and LiL Wayne) dilute his brand of music and I generally skip these songs when playing his albums. The harmonies though are very good throughout (I’m always a sucker for good harmonies).

I wouldn’t rank this album an A. Maybe a B+.


~ by karlmd on May 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Bumming Around / Musical Discoveries”

  1. congratulations on the end of your internship! good luck on your exams. i hope you go the fast track and maybe do your residency here in virginia! 🙂 take care and may God continue to bless & keep you. 😉

  2. hey dindi. thanks!

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