Less than 5 minutes ago, I turned in my paper for my final test for the year (a long quiz in Sugery II). I’m truly done with junior year now! I guess it’s goodbye third year! I don’t know if that fact just hasn’t fully sunk in yet or I’m just not totally excited about it. I’m looking forward to several weeks of rest, or if not rest, fun at least. We might go out of town or even out of the country. My plans aren’t polished as of now. I do however want to go with my friends to Surigao (a province south of the Philippines). My roommate comes from that province and our little group decided to spend 3 days there, right before we start clerkship orientation. They plan to go to the beach, a mere 10 minute ride from my friend’s house, and they plan to visit an island with this nice cave. At this point, I’m not sure I can go. 1. I have no money. 2. I might have to go with my family someplace. But only God knows how much I really want to go with my friends! Sigh.

I officially said goodbye to the Worship Team in church last Sunday. I told them my schedule will not allow me to rehearse with them on Saturdays nor sing on Sundays, at least not for a really long time (try 2-3 years). I think of all my ministries in church, I’ll miss this the most. Josef took my place as head of the team. Another Sigh.

I’ll try to write more about my plans. Actually, I plan to write here as much as I can over the summer. I’m not sure I can do much writing once clerkship kicks in. O well.


~ by karlmd on March 22, 2005.

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